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Suzanne Thee is a Dutch watercolorist and she believes everybody is creative. Discovering or stimulating your creativity helps you to clear your mind and relax. Her mission is to unleash creativity among young professionals, so that they are able to find a moment of relaxation in their busy lives. Helping them explore their creativity through watercolor painting, an easily accessible activity, could have a tremendously positive influence on their lives, as it did for her own. It may seem difficult, but everyone can learn it! Furthermore, she also offers custom illustrations for special moments, events or brands.


a Workshop

Start unleashing your creativity and clear your mind by learning a new creative skill! I help you explore your creativity through watercolor painting, which is an easily accessible activity that can help you find a moment of relaxation in your busy life. In only 2.5 hours you will learn all the basics of watercolor and will be able to paint, even if you cannot paint or draw. Everybody can do it!

Sign up for an open workshop and start your creative journey or request a corporate workshop for colleagues that helps them relax, learn something new and stimulate the right brain.

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Looking for a special gift or a custom illustration?
I’m your watercolor illustrator

I paint original commissions as well as digitized (commercial) illustrations for your special moments or projects. Think of a personal painting with a special meaning, or an illustration for your website, flyer, menu, wedding card, birth announcement, editorial, book cover. Send me an inquiry for anything watercolor!


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