Read all about my story how I went from an Innovation manager at a bank to a Watercolor artist and Creative entrepreneur

From Banker to Mindful Creative

Hi there! I’m Suzanne Thee, a Dutch watercolorist and creative entrepreneur living with Roel in  Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

With a background in MSc. Business IT, I never felt creative or didn’t do anything particularly creative. After setting up a fashion accessories business with my twin sister next to my studies, I started working at a large bank in the Netherlands, where I was given challenging roles in project management, consultancy and innovation. I enjoyed working in a large corporate, but I also felt imbalanced between my work- and private life. 

Then, in 2016, I saw a pin on Pinterest of a beautiful mountain wall painting that inspired me to decorate my bedroom wall in the same way. Without any experience in painting, I just tried it out and to my surprise, it turned out very well! The discovery of my own creativity helped me to try out more creative activities such as bullet journaling, calligraphy and watercolor painting. Watercolor painting changed my life as it helped me to relax, better balance my work- and private life and taught me to not strive for perfection. It gives me a lot of joy, peace, satisfaction and especially an empty mind, which others could benefit from too.

Over mij

Unwind with Watercolor

After having immersed myself in all the ins and outs of this medium, I like to share my knowledge with others. How beautiful is it to learn a new skill that can help you truly relax and at the same time develop your creativity! With watercolor painting, you create something tangible which leads to a sense of accomplishment. I have now taught many people: from IT developers to space engineers, lawyers and bankers. All learned how watercolor painting can help them clear their minds when they are painting. Watercolor painting is something everybody can do. It really is something that can help you to lose yourself in the moment – which is so important nowadays in a fast-paced world that gives many of us a constant feeling of pressure.
Therefore, my mission with Creativithee is helping people to unleash their creativity and clear their minds so they can create a balanced life.