Why Creativity is important for your mind

Why Creativity is important for your mind

Dig with us into what creativity is and find out the great personal benefits applying it can bring to your life.

Everywhere we turn, we receive more and more encouragement to express our creativity. Whether this is books and articles telling us being creative makes us happier and productive, or maybe social media like Pinterest filling our newsfeed with posts that inspire DIY projects… Certainly, creativity is all around us. But, do we understand what it is and the perks behind it?

First things first: Defining Creativity

Creativity is a word with a lot of meanings. Specifically, the dictionary defines it as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Meanwhile, Leon Ho, Founder & CEO of Lifehack says creativity is the ability to see things from a different perspective and thus create new approaches to a problem.

Ho explains that creativity doesn’t necessarily imply the construction of something new or original, but the skill works by giving a new meaning or value to an already existing something.




You think you’re not creative? Nonsense!

Seeing oneself as an “artist” might be a challenge. Whenever we hear the word we tend to think of famous painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, and a whole lot of other artists. If we stretch it a bit, we might even get an image of our kindergarten art teacher going around the classroom chasing around that kid with paint dripping all over his hands.

However, research has shown that every person has the skill of creativity, what makes the difference is how someone develops it through their everyday life.


Certainly, it’s easy to classify into the category, for instance, you may check-in at least one of the main characteristics:

You’re independent

Willing to take risks
Defiant of rules 

Easily bored

Make lots of mistakes

Constantly ask “what if?” 


Work hard

Motivate yourself



Now you believe you’re creative? We think so too.

Time to prove it yourself!

There’s no doubt that creativity is of great importance in our lives, therefore, the real deal relies on finding the time to develop it. Our hurried and hectic schedules, in addition to our everyday problems, make it difficult to achieve. Just trust that when you finally do it, you’ll immediately get a sense of freedom and relaxation.

Are you not convinced yet? We can give you some more reasons:

Creativity may predict a longer life, as it maintains the neural networks constantly working.

✔ The skill could help with problem-solving in different areas of life.
 One might develop confidence by releasing the fear of failure while increasing the desire to try new things.


Creativithee’s take

Through the sea of definitions for what creativity is, one can feel overwhelmed. In an interview, researcher and writer Danny Sullivan defined it as “Building universes out of nothing”, and we feel this is the definition we want to stick with. In short, creativity is the bridge to art and art is a way to freedom, to surprise yourself and to lose yourself in the moment. So, think about this the next time you consider creativity as a distant concept from who you are or want to be.

Are you up to the challenge and do you want to try out something new to explore your creativity through watercolor painting? Welcome to Creativithee!

This article is the first in a series of three, in which we will expose the effects that creativity has on the brain, as well as the benefits that painting offers to improve mental health. Also, we will analyze a very interesting study on how art reduces cortisol levels. Come back next week!

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